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Dermatologist Comments on 'Natural' Alternatives to BOTOX®

Dr. Albert C. Cattell, who specializes in skin care in Ann Arbor, talks about the effectiveness of "natural" alternatives to BOTOX Cosmetic and explains that his patients choose BOTOX treatments for long-lasting results.

Ann Arbor, Michigan (April 2012) – Although over-the-counter products may claim to minimize facial wrinkles and frown lines, Dr. Albert C. Cattell, who specializes in skin care at Ann Arbor Dermatology, warns that many of these products may not be as effective or as long-lasting as BOTOX Cosmetic.

A number of products currently on the market are being dubbed "natural BOTOX" or "green BOTOX" because they contain natural ingredients such as hibiscus seeds and other organic plant substances touted for their skin-smoothing and skin-tightening abilities.

"I find that while some of these products may make the face appear smoother, their effect doesn't last," says Dr. Cattell, a board-certified dermatologist near Detroit. "These products only affect the surface of the skin, while BOTOX is injected under the skin, causing the muscle to relax and release the tension that causes dynamic wrinkles such as deep frown lines in the forehead."

With many years of experience administering BOTOX for Detroit area patients, Dr. Cattell understands which products will provide long-lasting results.

"Although these so-called 'natural' products may seem safer and less expensive than BOTOX, in the long run the cost adds up because the product must be continually re-applied," he says. "One treatment of BOTOX can last several months, while these over-the-counter creams must be applied continually to maintain what little effect they may have.

"And as far as safety is concerned, I've never had patients suffer any adverse effects from BOTOX, other than perhaps a bit of swelling or bruising at the injection site that completely disappeared in a few days."

Dr. Cattell, who has been in practice in the Detroit area since 1979, screens his patients carefully for any health problems or other factors that may result in adverse reactions to cosmetic skin treatments.

In addition to offering a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal, Dr. Cattell treats the full range of clinical skin concerns and specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. As a result, Dr. Cattell's cosmetic dermatology patients feel secure and confident. They know he has the skill and experience they can trust when it comes to choosing a dermatologist in the Detroit area.

The best way to find out about BOTOX in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area is to request a consultation at Ann Arbor Dermatology. Or, you can call our office at (734) 996-8757 (Ann Arbor) or 734-455-6881 (Plymouth) and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you.

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