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About Us

While it isn't difficult to locate a dermatologist in Plymouth, Ann Arbor or the Detroit metro area, it can be a challenge to find the right one. Our patients benefit from our many years of experience treating a vast array of dermatologic conditions and providing the latest cosmetic options. We specialize in advanced treatments for skin cancer, including Mohs micrographic surgery, which can only be performed by select dermatologists with extensive training in this procedure. Experience in this specialized Mohs procedure sets Dr. Cattell apart from other dermatologists. He performs more than 800 Mohs surgery cases each year and has performed more than 20,000 Mohs surgery cases as a board-certified Michigan dermatologist.

Our doctors and staff are committed to achieving unmatched patient satisfaction. In recognition of our efforts, Ann Arbor Dermatology was awarded an Excellence Certificate in Patient Satisfaction from BSM Consulting, which conducts comprehensive patient satisfaction surveys across the country.

To learn more about Dr. Cattell and our practice, view the following pages:

Dr. Cattell is an active member of the Huron Valley Physician Association, the largest physician organization in Ann Arbor. This 700-member network of physicians is committed to the highest standard of care, and service that is patient-centered, compassionate, effective, and safe. Our practice is aligned with these values, and it shows in the number of referrals we receive from our patients and other medical professionals.

If you are looking for a caring, highly qualified dermatologist, request a consultation with Dr. Cattell. Or you can call Ann Arbor Dermatology at (734) 996-8757 (Ann Arbor) or 734-455-6881 (Plymouth) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

Read what our patients say about our pratice at www.annarbordermatologyreviews.com.

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